Foundation students became familiar with Art room practices and experimented with a range of materials and techniques to make visual artworks. They explored portraiture, observing iconic artworks and using mirrors and games to recognise facial features. Students drew pictures of themselves, along with friends and family, experimenting with pencil, crayon and mixed media mediums. They created a series of crafted animals to support their learning of living things in the classroom. The purpose of Art sessions was to encourage skill development, including construction and imaginative play.

Year 1 students engaged in practical studies to become familiar with a range of skills, processes and knowledge in developing art. They began with a Year 1 and 2 collaborative project, demonstrating the art of working together. Students then investigated portraiture, proportions and colour theory by representing an emotion through colour and expression. They combined art and mathematics to create abstract portraits and began to learn how to mount and exhibit their work. Students explored two and three-dimensional art by making collages, prints and sculptures.

Year 2 students developed a collaborative work project with the Year 1 students to establish their understanding of art as a community endeavour. They practised the skills of drawing, collage and sculpture. Inspired by the habits of an artist, students shaped their ‘I am an artist’ piece. They explored two and three-dimensional art forms when partaking in sculptural explorations, such as Ron Muick’s hyper realistic snail challenge, Shaun Tan’s ‘The Red Tree’ and mixed media collages. Students advanced their understanding of art elements, utilising texture, value and space to complete exciting art work.

Year 3 students demonstrated capability and confidence in the Art room through undertaking a Year 3 and 4 collaborative artwork. They advanced their artistic skills by creating an innovative portrait of an animal, adopting both abstract and traditional painting practices. Their mixed media art work was developed in phases; strengthening ingenuity, flexibility and ability to focus on one element of the art work at a time and provoking attention to detail. Students studied sculpture, discussing historical relevance and current art practices. They explored their own interpretations by weaving a Mexican ‘God’s eye’.

Year 4 students voiced their experience, critical thinking and aesthetic sense as they begun art analysis. They developed their art appreciation and understanding of art as a universal language. Students enriched their knowledge of art practices by exploring printmaking, drawing and sculpting. They brought their keen sense of art elements, principles and knowledge of art media to create tribal masks, large scale oil pastel drawings and a model of a First Fleet ship.

Year 5 students participated in a collaborative Year 5 and 6 Art project to reaffirm respect for varied work ethics and skill levels. Individually they utilised art elements and principles to design a feather that contributed to a wing mural. Students explored two and three-dimensional art-making as they worked with new mediums to respond to briefs using aesthetic skill and creativity. They undertook a drawing workshop to build confidence and break down the process of drawing into various steps. Students examined historical and contemporary portraits to voice formal elements and express ideas about the effect of an artwork. They advanced their investigations by constructing sculptural representations using critical thinking and imagination.

Year 6 students advanced their visual art analysis, problem solving skills and experimentation with mediums by focusing on traditional art concepts and techniques. They were challenged to respond to briefs innovatively using creative thinking. Students were offered outlets for self-expression through producing a mixed media self-portrait using photography, aboriginal dot painting and clay fantasy skills. They investigated portraiture, symbolism and sculpture and they were encouraged to think like an artist.