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News: We have recently uploaded some literacy activities for parents who wish to help their children at home (home activities). Please see attachments on this page.


At Glendal Primary School we provide a safe and stimulating environment that nurtures and promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of each student. Prep is the start of an exciting educational journey. The children are engaged in a range of ‘hands on' learning experiences that cover all areas of the curriculum, with a strong emphasis on developing their early literacy and numeracy skills.

Our Prep students all have a Year 6 Buddy. The Buddies help the Preps to settle into school and visit them in their classrooms to help with their learning.

Some of our prep activities include a Father's Day Breakfast in our Mi Cafe and an alphabet day to celebrate our prep children's achievements.

Our new Discovery Centre is open and is used as an imaginative play area and a stimulous to writing activities. It is set up like a kindergarten and helps in the transition from Kinder to school.

Science in Prep

Learning about Science at Glendal starts in Prep with a visit to Chesterfield Farm and then studying chickens hatching in the classroom. Our Prep children also study plants growing and how things change - heating, melting and freezing.

Safety in water, on the road, in the sun and in a fire situation are important topics in Prep and are made interesting and relevant by our Swim and Survive program at the swiming pool and visits from the Fire Service where children get to use a fire hose.

Parent helpers

Parents are most welcome to help in our classrooms, in the library, on excursions and camps and on our parent group committee (FOG) and School Council committees.


Resources to use at home


Our teachers are using some Apple iPads in the classrooms as a tool for learning, particularly in Numeracy and Literacy.

Prep iPad APPs list

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