Proud Moment!

The Department of Education media unit came to our school to film some of our students talking about robotics and what they like best about our school. 

The Department chose six schools to participate in the government school promotion and we felt very proud that our school students were selected.


Well done to the FLL Robotics team – the CosmoBots who won the Project Presentation Award at the Sydney Championship this weekend.  The competition was tough with 69 teams competing in this Australian final.    800 teams entered the competition from around Australia this year – a huge increase over the past two years.

They were also one of only 6 teams who were invited to submit an application to the Innovations Awards in Washington DC, USA – if then shortlisted again they go to Washington next semester to present their project – a great honour!

Fantastic work CosmoBots.

Robotics in Foundation - Nao Robot

Our Nao robot, along with Year 5 teacher Mr Nick Jones, has been teaching Tai Chi to our Foundation students in preparation for their own coding and robotics program.



Robotics in Foundation – Botley the Coding Robot

This week our Foundation students engaged in (with a little help from their Year 6 buddies) a new robotics program and coding program.   They had great fun and will be working on their coding skills.



OSMO -Years one and two


WE-DO - Years one and two


SPHERO - years one and two


LIGHTBOT - year three


EV3  robotics - year 4


TINKERCAD - years 5 and 6


SCRATCH - years 4 to 6


3-D PRINTING - We have 3D printers in years, 4, 5 and 6