Year 2

Welcome to Year 2's web page  

Year 2 is an extremely exciting year with the students being given the opportunity to develop their dramatic skills, by performing in the Year 2 Production. The students' participation in the production supports our student wellbeing program where we develop the values of getting along, organisation, persistence and resilience through drama, singing & dance.

 Here is a snapshot of some of the activities happening in Grade 2 this year.

Then and Now

Students will take a walk back in time to learn about how life has changed at home and in the local community. They will get to experience playing with toys from the past and spend a day in a classroom sitting in a wooden desk, to see how they are different to those of today.

Whiz Bang Pop

Chemical Science will explode in the classrooms with our resident “Mad Scientist”  leading the experiments. Watch out for things that change in interesting ways when we combine them. 


During this year, our students will experience programming and building simple robots using Lego components. This will lead to future extension work in the senior grades.


Students will be using their imaginations to delve into the magical world of fairy tales and fantasy. They will experience the enjoyment of acting and story telling, as well as discovering differences between real and make believe. 


Hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy? That is the question as students will turn their attention to the weather. Students will have the opportunity to predict, observe and explain the outcome of the weather as we follow it each day throughout our unit. Students will also research the good and the bad with natural wonders and disasters of our world.


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