Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Grade 5 offers many wonderful opportunities that encourage students’ social, emotional, physical and academic development. A wide range of in-school guest appearances and excursions complement our exciting programs, and students engage in many rich learning experiences, as an individual learner and in a variety of collaborative group investigations.

A highlight of Grade 5 is our unique public speaking program. Students explore a range of speech writing strategies and develop their delivery skills through a variety of public speaking experiences, from the impromptu to the meticulously planned and rehearsed! This program culminates in a fantastic public speaking evening, where students showcase their newly developed skills for parents.

Year 5 students are also involved in ‘Claymation’ – learning to make animated films. They go on a 3 day camp to the Phillip Island Adventure Resort in term 2. In Maths the students are divided into maths platoons in the area of Number and they also have the opportunity to learn French in addition to Mandarin.

In Grade 5, students investigate issues of modern communication and ‘Cyber-Safety’ through a class approach to blogging and computer use. They continue to develop positive habits of the mind and effective social strategies through the ‘You Can Do It’ Program. At this level Bloom’s Taxonomy is introduced, to help the students learn “a language of thinking” and identify and guide their own thought processes. These and many more opportunities enhance each student’s confidence to be able to tackle a variety of challenges and prepare them for the exciting world of Grade 6 and beyond!

Year 5 program information


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